• Why Use Arko

    Quality of vision, design skill and professional expertise. The Arko team possess a broad base of skills across a diverse range of disciplines - from conception, design, project management through to project closeout. 

  • Award Winning Design

    We have seen and solved just about every possible concrete problem and this, combined with our quality assurance system, staff experience and skills, and customer service ensures the best outcomes.

    Sustainable Environments

    Sustainable building means sustainable living. It is not just about energy-saving building products, or environmentally-pleasing subdivisions. It is about using less and having more. It's about living well now and into the future. Sustainable living also means having choices - being free to choose a better, richer way to live.

    Arko's features and benefits support New Zealand's sustainable building initiatives.

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  • Thoughtful Planning

    We act as your agent in dealing with the building contractor to minimize the risk and hassle for you. Through involvement at construction phase we also ensure that the finished building remains true to the design concept.

    At Arko we believe that our knowledge and experience and best advice throughout the developing process will ensure that there is no deviation from the consent documents and that the work is of a high standard. Arko can also arrange any variations to your plans as work proceeds and ensure that the Building Consent Authority is properly informed of changes and the Building Consent altered accordingly. This might include the certificate of title, drainage plans, and zoning and town planning information. 

    Our contracts covers the full scope of the Arko’s involvement in your project such as site survey and document its contours and boundaries. We will also look at trees, water courses and soil types. Experienced consultees carry out supervision of your project on your behalf to prevent mistakes by the builders or subcontractors.



  • What You Can Expect

    Help with Feasibility

    If your project is not yet designed or you need changes, or is already designed but you want to check buildability or other features, we see our role as providing solutions to your construction problems. Please expect frank and honest advice.

    A Clear Offer
    To price our component of your project you can expect a clear and complete offer which spells out inclusions and exclusions and our commercial terms of trade.

    Design Responsibility

    Capabilities of all services offered by Arko will be engineered by consulting engineers and can provide structural certification. Being fully project managed through the entire process means that from the moment your project starts we take full responsibility for Arko’s services

    We have seen and solved just about every possible concrete problem and this, combined with our quality assurance system, ensures the best outcomes. One of Arko's great strengths is our experienced and long-term staff. Many key employees have between 10 and 20 years’ experience. 

    Customer Service
    Delivering the project in full and on time is a critical phase of our customer service program and we ensure that our service is as seamless as possible.

  • Exterior Design

    Inspiration. By connecting our client’s needs with the essence of a surrounding landscape we construct quality environments that last a lifetime. We work alongside the natural landscape to express the project’s larger vision and to draw people outdoors into a memorable and meaningful experience.

    The sustainability and longevity of each of the projects we undertake is paramount. Because of this, we continue to develop and employ above industry standard systems, to get the most out of our concrete. 

    Product limitations are identified, considered and minimised through appropriate shaping and application. Coupled with our timeless design aesthetic, our built environments have the potential to last- particularly significant when creating public spaces.

    We pride ourselves on our continual product research and development ensuring our product is at the forefront of concrete and landscaping. 

    Advances to our reinforcing systems have meant that Arko is a leader in crack restriction and retention in decorative concrete.

    Our engineered steel system greatly outweighs the industry standard, a system attributed with our proven success through the thousands of Christchurch earthquakes. Combine this with our experience with concrete additives and mix options for any setting and we can engineer concrete to last centuries.


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  • City-Scape

    We believe that the quality of our public and shared spaces have an impact on the overall quality and feel of our lives. Whether it is grass and groves of trees or wetland planting, Arko design spaces that make the most of Christchurch’s natural and unique environment.

    At Arko we set out to enhance the value and sustainability of our natural, built and social environment. We bring energy and creativity to the challenge of finding what is genuine and sustainable.

    This comes down to planning, designing and sustainably managing resources, while changing public expectations with a new standard of environmental design.

    We pride ourselves on finding an interesting original design solution for each individual situation that is sensitive to the local context.

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  • Community Projects

    CPIT Earthquake Memorial

    Sustainability is at the core of all our work. It seems that landscape products and structures installed in public spaces and reserves pay little attention to the long-term cost.

    We look to create a product that has a long life span that is both cost effective and easy to maintain.

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We are a specialist landscaping company who design and produce lasting exterior environments through our technical expertise, proven success and years of experience.